Koenig & Bauer Iberica | Optima 106 / 106 K

Automatisk planstans för kartong och well med option för integrerad blanking

The Koenig & Bauer Iberica Optima Series is our basic Automatic Platen Press, launched in 2008. We proudly announce that the Optima Series is available in the 106 format. With its "operator friendly" innovations and ease of handling, this model maintains Koenig & Bauer Iberica’s quality of build and performance the combination of which generates a significant increase in productivity.

  • The versatility of the Optima Series gives the possibility to die-cut several types of substrate including paper, plastic, board and corrugated material.
  • The comprehensive range of optional equipment allows the configuration of the "perfect" Die-Cutter giving our customers the ideal machine for all of their requirements in the Packaging Industry.
  • Its 100% manufacture process made only in our plant in Barcelona makes the Optima Series the perfect investment for those who look for high productivity and long-life of machinery.
  • The new blanker Optima 106 K is the perfect tool for customer who enters in the blanking world, due its high quality, high productivity, easy handle and fast preparation as well as for an interesting price range.
  • This new generation of Koenig & Bauer Iberica blankers is equipped with new tooling technology to do “sheeting” in a fast and easy way. This is the result of the synergy and collaboration with local die-makers, for the continuous improvement of our units.