Koenig & Bauer Duran

Duran Machinery has established Omega Folder Gluers as one of the leading brands in the global folding carton industry by designing and manufacturing high quality folder gluers since 1989.


Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Allpro

35 • 55 • 70 • 90 • 110 • 130 • 145 • 165 • 185 cm

Koenig & Bauer Duran | Omega Allpro is a folder gluer available in sizes from 35 cm all the way up to 185 cm width.

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Turnpro

OMEGA Turnpro

OMEGA Turnpro is a separate module which turns the direction of the carton flow by 90º on the folder gluer and is a significant value-add feature. It is developed for producing specific cartons, such as chocolate boxes, for high speed production in a single pass.

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Intro

Folder Gluer (Entry Level)

OMEGA Intro series is specifically designed as a high quality budget line to be a reliable profit center for many years to come. Like all Koenig & Bauer Duran Folder Gluers, the OMEGA Intro line is designed and manufactured at Duran Machinery plant in Istanbul.

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Alius

Folder Gluer

  • Full servo control
  • Intelligent automatic setup with calculation from carton drawing
  • New generation electronics with state of the art controls and safety management
  • Compatible with Industry 4.0
  • Data sharing on OPC UA
  • Continuous link for remo

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Magnus

Folder Gluer for Corrugated

Omega Magnus, specialty folder gluer for corrugated is presented to the market in 2 sizes; 210 – 230.

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Pack Station

OMEGA Pack Station

Omega Pack Station is an independent machine for easy box collection after the folding and gluing process, works in synchronization with the main line and can be integrated to all folder gluers.

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Pack Automatic Packer

OMEGA Pack Automatic Packer

The new Omega Pack is a high speed automatic case packer to complement the high speed carton production on Omegafolder gluers. It can pack up to 4 rows and 4 layers, requires a only a single operator and takes 10-15 minutes to make ready.

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Nick Breaker

OMEGA Nick Breaker

OMEGA Nick Breaker is a specialty device which allows for high speed and efficient folding and gluing process of special design blanks, such as beverage multi-packs with nicks. It is a servo driven module which can be integrated on Omega Allpro folder gluers in 70-145 cm width range. 

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Pre-Feeder

OMEGA Pre-Feeder

OMEGA Pre-Feeder is an independent machine for smooth and high speed blank feeding for cardboard and corrugated material into folder gluers.