Flexo Printing Presses

Mark Andy Performance Series | P7/P9

Industry leading Flexographic Technology: Master-class engineering and Flexible Packaging Solution

The award winning "Performance Series" is engineered as the ideal solution to print film, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging and foil lidding.

Mark Andy Evolution Series E3

Simple-to-operate and flexible Full Servo Flexo-platform based on Mark Andy's award winning Performance Series Technology.

Evolution Series E3 introduces Mark Andy's ProUV-technology, powered by proven UV curing technology, that enables high quality, reliable results that converters can count on.

Mark Andy Evolution Series E5

Simple-to-operate, flexible and scalable Full Servo Platform based on Mark Andy's award winning "Performance Series" Technology.

This simple-to-operate machine gives converters a flexible solution, that not only meets today's needs, but also potential future demands and challenges.

Mark Andy QCDC (Quick Change Die Cut)

Die cut station design focused on ergonomics, productivity and profitability

The Mark Andy QCDCTM technology is a completely new die cut station design that removes the bottleneck of long die cut changeovers and slower matrix stripping speeds.

Mark Andy ProLED

UV LED Flexo

For more than 30 years, UV technology has delivered high quality curing on flexographic presses. Unfortunately traditional mercury lamp technology has not advanced, while profitability, productivity and efficiency demands have.

Flexico V5 Plate Mounting System

Quick and Accurate Plate Mounting

This invention was designed, built and patented to become the leading polymer plate mounting system world-wide – known as FLEXICO V5 used in more than sixty countries around the world.