Auxiliary Equipment Consumables


Centrifugal ink pumps are the workhorse of the industry. They are low maintenance, take a lot of abuse, deliver ink in a non-pulsating flow, and provide in-tank circulation to keep material blended.

Corrugated - Knives & Accessories

Quality knives & products for the corrugated industry

We offer a wide array of knives and accessories from Zenith Cutter for the corrugated industry. If you have specific needs, knives can be customized to meet custom specifications. Please don't hesitate to send us a request at order(at)

Crush/Score Knives

Crush knives for a wide range of machine applications

Improving the Efficiencies and Generating Less Waste in the Converting Processes

Zenith Cutter crush/score knives are made from tool steels thru-hardened for long life.

Slitting Knives

Dish Blades, Bottom Knives & Knife Holders

Improving the Efficiencies and Generating Less Waste in the Converting Processes

Our products, including core cutters, dish blades, bottom knives, knife holders, score slitters and paper knives, produce less waste and better end products because they are manufactured for consis

Meech Static Control

Static Control Products

The effective understanding and control of static electricity has made Meech a market leader in its field since the 1960s. The physical phenomenon of static electricity has been recognised for a thousand years, is experienced by everyone, but understood by very few.

Meech Web Cleaning

Web Cleaning System

Meech is a leading Web Cleaning manufacturer with a comprehensive range of four systems. Each system is based on a different cleaning principle, this uniquely allows us to provide our customers with a system best suited for their application. The Meech range comp

Meech Air Technology

Compressed Air & Cooling Technology

The Meech Air Technology (MAT) range is designed to reduce energy costs by entraining ambient air into the compressed air flow resulting in the use of less compressed air to achieve the same results.

Meech JetStream


Meech JetStream Air Knife systems are capable of being used in a diverse range of applications – both large and small.