Meech Static Control

Static Control Products

The effective understanding and control of static electricity has made Meech a market leader in its field since the 1960s. The physical phenomenon of static electricity has been recognised for a thousand years, is experienced by everyone, but understood by very few. Harnessed correctly, static can provide positive manufacturing benefits. Meech manufacture and supply a wide range of electrostatic products that provide anti static and ESD protection and measurement, static generation, electrostatic control and elimination.

[one_half] [video type="youtube" id="7WHaguYdfE0"] 929 IPS Hyperion Mid-Range Pulsed DC Ionising Bar [video type="youtube" id="vnhM7FptutQ"] 915 Shockless Anti-Static Bar [/one_half] [one_half_last] [video type="youtube" id="JsrxWwq9yjA"] Meech 983v2 Static Locator [video type="youtube" id="gwWIN0MIUKs"] Meech 984v2 Ion Sensor [/one_half_last]