High resolution active web inspection with WiFi streaming

K3WiFi is a mid range low cost inspection system with a plethora of aditional options. Colour monitoring, register check and live image streaming to a tablet or iPad. Tablet included.


Standard specification

  • Camera Assembly - Digital camera (with options to upgrade), precision ground, 16:1 zoom lens to include close-up +8 achromatic dioptre attachment enabling viewing area of, 90 x  70mm (Standard) approx, Minimum 15 x 10mm.
  • 16x Motorized camera - Provides 40x magnification
  • Monitor - 17" TFT Touchscreen monitor
  • Web viewing over WiFi - Stream to any browser on your network or to iPad/tablet
  • Dual strobe assemblies - Our own advanced design, provides illumination and reliability. The strobes are enclosed within the camera case which sits 5mm away from the web to eliminate the presence of ambient light.
  • One touch camera controls.
  • Intergrated Multi layer PCB of our own design provides a robust, efficient operating platform.
  • Operator Controls - Tectonic bespoke software has been designed to give the operator instant reflex action for fast correction of faults and, therefore, significant reduction in waste.
  • Split-Screen - Tectonic provide a “like-for-like” split-screen. Four way split screen for operator historical web comparison.
  • Operator Responsive
  • Traverse - 500mm supplied as standard. However, any length of traverse can be supplied.
  • Colour monitoring - Four colour monitoring tools with deviations calculated in a relative value. Alarm sends an error notification alerting the operator
  • Image flip and mirror - For quick rotational positioning.
  • Touchscreen Interface



  • Camera motorization - For difficult to reach places or larger presses.
  • Motorized or manual backstrobe - For back to front registration.
  • Auto scan - For automatic camera movement accross repeat.
  • Additional viewing monitors
  • Additional cameras - For reverse side viewing.
  • Special lighting - For UV inks or cold seal.
  • Signal to tagging machine.